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Home Communication Articles Calories Table About us BMR Calculator


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quantity calories Name
one fruit 40 Cal Peach
one fruit 200 Cal chestnut
one fruit 40 Cal Plum
80 g 80 Cal Blueberry
one cup 83 Cal Blueberry
one fruit 100 Cal pomegranate
One Fruit 45 Cal Pear
one cup 280 Cal Grape
one cup 76 Cal Black grapes
one large fruit 121 Cal banana
one small fruit 117 Cal banana
fruit medium 62 Cal orange
one large fruit 86 Cal Orange
one fruit 35 Cal Joseph
100 g 35 Cal Strawberry
one fruit 67 Cal green apple
one fruit 150 Cal avocado
one fruit 1 Cal only Blackberry
one fruit 10 Cal Fig
100 g 288 Cal Dried Figs
One fruit 20 Cal Lemon
one fruit 47 Cal Mango
one fruit 25 Cal Cantaloupe
one fruit 6.8 Cal Green Olives
one fruit 28 Cal watermelon
100 g 163 Cal red dates
100 g 300 Cal dried dates
one fruit 50 Cal Pineapple
one fruit 25 Cal Plum
one fruit 65 Cal guava
one fruit 5 Cal dried raisins
one cup 129 Cal Fruits Salad
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quantity calories Name
one cup 7 Cal spinach
one cup 15 Cal Mushroom
one fruit 15 Cal Eggplant
one cup 117 Cal Peas
one cup 44 Cal Okra
One Cup 34 Cal Green Onion
One Cup 29 Cal White Radish
one cup 8 Cal Lettuce
one cup 4 Cal Coriander
one cup 21 Cal Cabbage
one cup 5Cal Arugula
one cup 31 Cal Broccoli
one cup 25 Cal Cauliflower
one cup 60 Cal Hot Pepper
one cup 16 Cal Option
one cup 30 Cal Green Pepper
one cup 30 Cal pumpkin
one cup 39 Cal Red Pepper (not spicy)
one cup 50 Cal Yellow Pepper (not spicy)
one cup 32 Cal Tomato
one cup 132 Cal Yellow Corn
one cup 20 Cal zucchini
One Cup 177 Cal White Potato
one cup 36 Cal Left
One Cup 114 Cal Red Potato
one cup 16 Cal Radish
one cup 116 Cal Fries
one cup 100 Cal White Islands
one cup 52 Cal Carrot
one cup 58 Cal Beet
one fruit 4 Cal small carrots
one cup 67 Cal onion
one cup 14 Cal Celery
one cup 54 Cal leek
one cup 27 Cal Helion
one cup 75 Cal Taro
one cup 50 Cal Molokhia
one cup 97 Cal Grape Leaves
one cup 147 Cal cooked vegetables
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quantity calories Name
One Cup 90 Cal Skim Milk
one cup 110Cal 1% fat milk
one cup 120 Cal 2% fat milk
One Cup 150 Cal Whole Milk
one cup 30 Cal Almond milk (not sweetened)
one cup 90 Cal Almond milk and vanilla
one cup 25 Cal Cashew milk (not local)
one cup 80 Cal Cashew and Vanilla Milk
one cup 45 Cal Coconut milk (not local)
one cup 90 Cal Coconut milk and vanilla
one cup 90 Cal Rice milk (not local)
one cup 130 Cal Rice and Vanilla Milk
one cup 80 Cal Soymilk (not sweetened)
one cup 100 Cal Soy and Vanilla Milk
one cup 130 Cal Oat milk (not sweetened)
one cup 130 Cal Oatmeal and Vanilla Milk
One Cup 208 Cal Milk Chocolate
one cup 160 Cal Milk chocolate 1% fat
one cup 122 Cal Low-lactose 2% fat
one cup 306 Cal Milk milkshake
one cup 168 Cal goat milk
one cup 157Cal Cow's milk
Half Cup 635 Cal Full Cream Milk Powder
Half Cup 435 Cal Skimmed Milk Powder
one cup 244 Cal Milk with Strawberry
one cup 99 Cal curdled milk
155 g 105 Cal Labneh
One Cup 141 Cal Full Fat Yogurt
one cup 114 Cal skimmed yogurt
One Spoon 52 Cal Full Cream Cream
one spoon 37 Cal mid-cream cream
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quantity calories NameName
100 g 240 Cal Istanbuli cheese
28 g 114 Cal cheddar cheese
28 g 75 Cal Feta cheese
28 g 101 Cal Gouda cheese
28 g 80 Cal Mozzarella Cheese
28 g 80 Cal Kraft cheese
28 g 104 Cal Blue cheese
28 g 128 Cal Mascarpone cheese
28 g 98 Cal Flamenco cheese
half cup 216 Cal Ricotta cheese (full creamy)
half cup 171 Cal Ricotta cheese (half cream)
100 g 363 Cal Halloumi cheese
100 g 100 Cal Quraish cheese
100 g 289 Cal Akkawi cheese
100g 404 Cal Kashkaval cheese
28 g 86 Cal Camembert
28 g 106 Cal Cream cheese
100 g 810 Cal Kiri cheese
28 g 125 Cal Gruyère cheese
28 g 113 Cal Swiss cheese
100 g 516 Cal Flour Sweetness
1 kg 420 Cal Old cheese
100 g 333 Cal Cheese triangles
28 g 205 Cal Cream
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Ice cream
ice cream
quantity calories Name
half cup 125 Cal Vanilla Light
half cup 266 Cal Vanilla Full Cream
one spoon 140 Cal iced pineapple
one spoon 160 Cal Raspberry
one spoon 90 Cal vanilla (without sugar)
one spoon 90 Cal strawberry (without sugar)
one spoon 80 Cal Chocolate (without sugar and cream)
one spoon 90 Cal Mocha coffee (skimmed)
one spoon 110 Cal Red berries (skimmed)
one spoon 150 Cal Pineapple (without sugar)
one spoon 150 Cal Coconut (without sugar)
one piece 300 Cal ice cream cake
one cup 550 Cal Oreo with chocolate cookies
one spoon 300 Cal Cappuccino
one spoon 210 Cal Cappuccino (skimmed)
one cup 300 Cal Chocolate with Hazelnuts
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quantity calories Name
100 g 213 Cal Chestnut
100 g 553 Cal Cashew
100 g 786 Cal Roasted Cashews
one cup 795 Cal Mixed nuts
100 g 557 Cal Pistachio
100 g 567 Cal Peanuts
100 g 575 Cal Almond
100 g 628 Cal Hazelnut
100 g 654 Cal Camel Eye
100 g 656 Cal Brazil nuts
100 g 673 Cal Pine
100 g 691 Cal U.S. Walnut
100 g 270 Cal Dried Apricots
one cup 471 Cal Granola
100 g 650 Cal Dried Coconut
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quantity calories Name
half cup 60 Cal apple juice
half cup 70 Cal Pineapple juice
half cup 44 Cal Youssefi juice
half cup 44 Cal Roman juice
half cup 35 Cal Tomato juice
half cup 72 Cal apricot juice
half cup 78 Cal Grape juice
half cup 3 Cal Lemonade
half cup 59 Cal orange juice
half cup 58 Cal Grapefruit juice
one cup 110 Cal Mango juice
one cup 175 Cal Guava juice
one cup 165 Cal Vimto juice
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Soft drinks
quantity calories Name
240 Mg 100 Cal Pepsi
240 Mg 90 Cal Seven Up
240 Mg 96 Cal Sprite
240 Mg 119 Cal Fanta
240 Mg 97 Cal Coca-Cola
240 Mg 1 Cal only Coca-Cola Diet
240 Mg 72 Cal Soda only
240 Mg 1 Cal only Coca-Cola Zero
355 Mg 160 Cal Red Bull
one cup 150 Cal Tropicana
one cup 90 Cal Tang Juice
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Hot drinks
quantity calories Name
one cup 11 Cal American Coffee
one cup 6 Cal Espresso
One Cup 91 Cal Half Cream Cappuccino
One Cup 60 Cal Skimmed Cappuccino
One Cup 148 Cal Half Fat Latte
one cup 100 Cal Skim Latte
One Cup 142 Cal Caramel Macchino Half Cream
one cup 100 Cal Caramel Frappuccino Lite
One Cup 149 Cal Fat Free Mocha
one cup 136 Cal Skimmed Frappuccino Espresso
one cup 143 Cal Iced Vanilla Latte
one cup 11 Cal American Iced Coffee
one cup 63 Cal Mesto coffee with soy milk
one cup 452 Cal Cocoa drink
one cup 0 Cal Black Tea
one cup 10 Cal Tea with Skimmed Milk
one cup 13 Cal Tea with semi-skimmed milk
one cup 19 Cal Tea with Whole Milk
one cup 0 Cal green tea
one cup 2 Cal Chamomile tea
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quantity calories Name
one piece 12 Cal Tea biscuit
small piece 24 Cal regular cookies
medium piece 49 Cal Regular cookies
large piece 68 Cal Regular cookies
one piece 49 Cal Chocolate chip cookies
one piece 72 Cal Peanut Butter Cookies
one piece 97 Cal Whole Grain Cookies
one piece 70 Cal Coconut cookies
one piece 51 Cal Almond cookies
one piece 64 Cal Raisin cookies
one piece 30 Cal Zainab Fingers Biscuit
one piece 54 Cal Carob cookies
one piece 521 Cal Strange
one piece 34 Cal Creamy Biscuit
one piece 64 Cal custard cream biscuit
one piece 70 Cal Digestive biscuit
one piece 84 Cal Digestive biscuit with chocolate
one piece 46 Cal Gingerbread
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quantity calories Name
25 g 126 Cal Cadbury
one piece 310 Cal Cadbury
100 g 525 Cal Cadbury Milk
one piece 260 Cal Cadbury with Milk
25 g 165 Cal Cadbury Nut
one piece 254 Cal Galaxy
one piece 284 Cal Twix
two pieces 106 Cal Kit Kat
one piece 187 Cal Maltesers
one piece 319 Cal Snickers
two pieces 290 Cal Bounty
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Processed meats
quantity calories Name
one piece 100 Cal Bovine Luncheon
one piece 50 Cal Luncheon Chicken
one piece 282 Cal Pastrami
42 g 142 Cal Beef
one piece 475 Cal Baladi sausage
28 g 40 Cal Turkey pastrami
28 g 141 Cal Beef Pepperoni
28 g 56 Cal turkey salami
28 g 72 Cal Salami Beef
28 g 47 Cal Mutadella Beef
28 g 57 Cal Turkey sausage
28 g 88 Cal Sausage Beef
42 g 116 Cal Chicken Sausage
one piece 242 Cal Hot Dog
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quantity calories Name
one piece 23 Cal Marshmallow
one spoon 100 Cal Nutella
100 g 600 Cal white pulp
quarter cup 200 Cal Syrian pulp
one cup 602 Cal brown pulp
small pack 90 Cal Chipsy
one piece 380 Cal Candlestick biscuit
one piece 380 Cal Samba
one cup 125 Cal Jelly
one piece 100 Cal roast corn
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Fast food
quantity calories Name
meal 516 Cal Mac with cheese
sandwich 446 Cal Subway Italy
meal 795 Cal Kentucky Fried Chicken with Zinger with Drink
meal 493 Cal Big Mac
sandwich 479 Cal Burger King with Bacon and Cheese
sandwich 320 Cal Burger King with cheese
sandwich 606 Cal Burger King with Chicken Royale
sandwich 660 Cal Burger King with Chicken Royale with cheese
sandwich 634 Cal Burger King Whopper
sandwich 721 Cal Burger King Whopper with cheese
meal 761 Cal Kentucky chicken fillet
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quantity calories Name
one piece 17 Cal egg white
one piece 59 Cal egg yolk
one piece 79 Cal boiled egg
one piece 91 Cal fried egg
one piece 92 Cal omelette
one piece 113 Cal Omelette with cheese and vegetables
one piece 130 Cal duck egg
one piece 267 Cal Goose egg
one piece 135 Cal turkey egg
one piece 14 Cal Quail egg
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quantity calories Name
one spoon 105 Cal Ghee
one spoon 120 Cal olive oil
one spoon 120 Cal sunflower oil
one spoon 114 Cal Sheep Fat
one spoon 125 Cal beef fat
one spoon 36 Cal butter
one spoon 120 Cal corn oil
one spoon 125 Cal peanut oil
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quantity calories Name
one spoon 7 Cal Cardamom
3 spoons 13 Cal red hot pepper
one spoon 7 Cal Cinnamon
one spoon 6 Cal Carnation
one spoon 6 Cal Cumin
one spoon 1 Cal only Ginger
one spoon 9 Cal Nutmeg
one spoon 8 Cal black pepper
one spoon 5 Cal Carey
One Spoon 10 Cal Garlic Powder
one spoon 5 Cal Onion Powder
one spoon 5 Cal Paprika
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quantity calories Name
85 g 167 Cal Grilled thighs without skin
85 g 223 Cal Grilled hips with skin
half piece 142 Cal Grilled breast without the skin
half piece 193 Cal Grilled breast with skin on
one piece 99 Cal Grilled chicken wing
6 pieces 290 Cal Fried chicken
85 g 238 Cal Fried chicken snack
85 g 135 Cal Fried chicken liver
one piece 330 Cal Slice of roast duck with skin
one piece 173 Cal Slice of roast duck without the skin
one piece 350 Cal Slice of roast goose with skin
85 g 161 Cal Turkey hips without skin
85 g 190 Cal Turkey hips with skin
85 g 135 Cal Turkey breast without skin
85 g 169 Cal Turkey breast with skin
one piece 136 Cal Rabbit meat
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quantity calories Name
one piece 170 Cal Roast Puri
one piece 61 Cal Squid
one piece 189 Cal Herring
100 g 140 Cal Sikh
one piece 70 Cal Coralfish
one piece 50 Cal Umm Khaloul
100 g 260 Cal Roast roe
one piece 67 Cal Karon Fish
28 g 58 Cal Sardines with Oil
28 g 42 Cal Anchovies with oil
85 g 104 Cal Tuna With Water
85 g 169 Cal Tuna with Oil
85 g 99 Cal Smoked Salmon
85 g 84 Cal Crab
one piece 126 Cal Lobster
48 g 88 Cal Mackerel
one slice 197 Cal Haddock
one piece 141 Cal Moses
one piece 241 Cal Fried Moses
one piece 100 Cal Tilapia
85 g 206 Cal Fried Shrimp
85 g 83 Cal Grilled Shrimp
28 g 23 Cal raw oysters
85 g 84 Cal Fried oysters with rusk
one spoon 40 Cal Caviar
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quantity calories Name
100 g 116 Cal Veal
100 g 214 Cal Beef burger
one slice 416 Cal fried beef steak
one slice 398 Cal roast lamb
100 g 240 Cal Beef
100 g 193 Cal Camel meat
100 g 267 Cal Lamb
63 g 220 Cal Shoulder lamb with fat
48 g 135 Cal Lamb shoulder without fat
85 g 205 Cal Grilled Leg of Lamb With Fat
73 g 140 Cal Grilled lamb thigh without fat
85 g 200 Cal Grilled Lamb Chops Without Fat
85 g 307 Cal Grilled Lamb Chops With Fat
85 g 189 Cal Beef Breast
85 g 183 Cal Beef shoulder without fat
85 g 245 Cal Minced Meat
85 g 317 Cal Meat Shawarma
85 g 174 Cal Lean Beef Steak
85 g 133 Cal Tikka
85 g 226 Cal kebab
85 g 281 Cal Stuffed Kibbeh
85 g 148 Cal Bovine Heart
85 g 122 Cal Bovine Kidneys
85 g 241 Cal Bovine tongue
85 g 95 Cal Spleen
85 g 81 Cal Fasha
85 g 107 Cal Boiled brains
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quantity calories Name
one slice 230 Cal Coffee cake
one piece 145 Cal Corn Flex Muffin
one slice 455 Cal cream pie
one slice 330 Cal Custard pie
one piece 235 Cal Donut
one piece 267 Cal custard Donut
one piece 256 Cal Donut jam
one piece 140 Cal Muffin english
one piece 266 Cal Muffin blueberry
one piece 401 Cal Muffin Chocolate chips
one piece 165 Cal cake fruits
one piece 72 Cal cake angel
one piece 116 Cal cake butter
one piece 340 Cal cake chocolate
one piece 257 Cal cheese cake
one piece 187 Cal spong cake
one piece 323 Cal cake banana
one piece 396 Cal cake With apple sauce
one piece 282 Cal cake Black Forest
one piece 326 Cal cake carrot
one piece 258 Cal Cheese cake, coffee
one piece 498 Cal Chocolate, cheese cake
one piece 178 Cal cake Coffee and cinnamon
one piece 189 Cal cake Coffee
one piece 196 Cal cake lemon
one piece 440 Cal cake nuts
one piece 270 Cal cake Pumpkin
20 g 115 Cal Chocolate fudge
one piece 60 Cal pancake
one slice 405 سر peach pie
one slice 575 Cal pecan pie
one piece 300 Cal Gato
one slice 100 Cal spinach pie
small plate 59 Cal jelly
one piece 880 Cal Cinnabon Classic
one piece 1100 Cal Cinnabon caramel
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Eastern sweets
quantity calories Name
one piece 540 Cal Baklava
one piece 370 Cal Osmanliah
one piece 344 Cal Kunafa with cream
one piece 780 Cal Kunafa with cream and nuts
one piece 300 Cal Plain Kunafa
one piece 365 Cal Kunafa with cheese
one piece 150 Cal Maamoul
one piece 480 Cal Plain basbousa
one piece 620 Cal Basbousa stuffed with nuts
small plate 144 Cal rice with milk
small plate 129 Cal Pudding
large plate 390 Cal Pudding
100 g 380 Cal Tulumba
small plate 312 Cal Om ali
one piece 520 Cal mash
100 g 667 Cal pancake
one piece 220 Cal Qatayef with nuts
100 g 390 Cal Saraya bread
100 g 510 Cal Rmosh elset
50 g 540 Cal Malban with nuts
100 g 560 Cal Ashura
100 g 390 Cal Couscous with sugar
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Baked goods
quantity calories Name
one slice 155 Cal French toast
one slice 78 Cal Brown toast
one slice 85 Cal White toast
one piece 420 Cal Brown Egyption bread
one piece 480 Cal Fino bread
one slice 85 Cal Italian bread
one piece 70 Cal Patton Sally
one piece 350 Cal croissant
one slice 65 Cal Bread made from whole grains
one slice 65 Cal Bread made from oats
100 g 17 Cal Tortillas
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Starches and legumes
quantity calories Name
one cup 600 Cal Pasta with cream and cheese
one cup 400 Cal Spaghetti pasta with meat
75 g 270 Cal Linguini pasta
70 g 248 Cal Fusilli Pasta
small slice 154 Cal Lasagna with meat sauce
one cup 220 Cal Canned noodles
Small pack 494 Cal Noodles with Chicken
100 g 357 Cal Brown Basmati Rice
100 g 348 Cal White Basmati Rice
100 g 136 Cal white rice
one cup 118 Cal boiled rice
one cup 350 Cal crushed bulgur
one cup 485 Cal Wheat
one cup 336 Cal Barley
one cup 349 Cal Lobia
small cup 269 Cal boiled chickpea
small cup 192 Cal Lentils
one cup 420 Cal Lupine
one cup 31 Cal Popcorn without oil
one cup 64 Cal Popcorn with a Spoonful of Oil
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quantity calories Name
one slice 272 Cal cheese pizza
one slice 310 Cal Extra cheese pizza
one slice 242 Cal Cheese and vegetable pizza
one slice 250 Cal Margarita Pizza
one slice 400 Cal Meat pizza
one slice 330 Cal Meat and vegetable pizza
one slice 252 Cal Seafood Pizza
one slice 298 Cal Pepperoni pizza
one slice 230 Cal Chicken Supreme Pizza
one slice 280 Cal Pizza Sausage
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quantity calories Name
one spoon 65 Cal Honey bee
Large Spoon 80 Cal Black Honey
one spoon 45 Cal Honey Desserts
small spoon 17 Cal brown sugar
small spoon 20 Cal white sugar
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Famous Meals
quantity calories Name
pie medium 1500 Cal Feteer Meshaltet
plate medium 840 Cal Koshary
one piece 80 Cal Taameya
6 Pieces 400 Cal Stuffed (Vine Leaves or Eggplant or Cabbage)
one piece 178 Cal Stuffed (pepper or zucchini)
small piece 350 Cal Béchamel pasta
one piece 600 Cal Stuffed Pigeon
100 g 650 Cal Alexandrian liver
100 g 320 Cal Trotters
300 g 500 Cal Mumbar
4 spoons 105 Cal Sara
large plate 1800 Cal Kabsa
large plate 530 Cal Upside down with meat
one piece 105 Cal Pickled eggplant
Small plate 65 Cal Pickled
100 g 355 Cal Majdara
100 g 400 Cal Maftoul
100 g 154 Cal Moussaka
one cup 263 Cal Chicken Biryani
100 g 158 Cal Meat Biryani
100 g 400 Cal Rice with nuts
100 g 116 Cal Dolma
100 g 750 Cal Mansaf
one cup 220 Cal porridge
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quantity calories Name
one spoon 12 Cal barbecue sauce
one spoon 205 Cal butter sauce
one spoon 26 Cal cherry sauce
one spoon 6 Cal fish sauce
one spoon 20 Cal ketchup
one spoon 110 Cal Mayonnaise
one spoon 50 Cal Mayonnaise Lite
One Spoon 10 Cal Fat-Free Mayonnaise
one spoon 25 Cal Murtard
one spoon 11 Cal Worcester Chick
one spoon 5 Cal tomato sauce
one spoon 15 Cal Teriyaki sauce
one spoon 74 Cal Tartar sauce
one spoon 4 Cal Taco Sauce
one spoon 2 Cal Tabasco sauce
one spoon 14 Cal Sweet and Sour Sauce
one spoon 25 Cal Sour cream sauce
one spoon 8 Cal soy sauce
one spoon 80 Cal pesto sauce
one spoon 2 Cal Hot sauce
one spoon 43 Cal peanut sauce
one spoon 9 Cal oyster sauce
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quantity calories Name
one cup 95 Cal Barley Soup
one cup 180 Cal Bird's Tongue Soup
one cup 105 Cal Fish Soup
one cup 206 Cal Broccoli Soup
one cup 71 Cal Cabbage Soup
one cup 122 Cal Vegetable Pieces
one cup 369 Cal Onion Soup
One Cup 71 Cal Leek Soup
one cup 186 Cal Lentil Soup
one cup 105 Cal Potato Soup
one cup 104 Cal Pumpkin Soup
one cup 72 Cal vegetable drink
one cup 78 Cal Chicken Soup
one cup 75 Cal Chicken Vegetable Soup
one cup 139 Cal Tomato Soup with Meat
one cup 163 Cal Shrimp Soup
one cup 23 Cal Skimmed Chicken Soup
one cup 26 Cal Mushroom Soup
one cup 112 Cal Vegetable Bean Soup
one cup 350 Cal Homs al-Sham
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quantity calories Name
Small plate 120 Cal Tabouleh
one cup 9 Cal Vegetable salad
One Cup 45 Cal Lettuce and Avocado Salad with Tomatoes
one cup 78 Cal Lettuce and cheese salad with tomatoes
one cup 41 Cal Lettuce, Egg and Cheese Salad with Tomatoes
one cup 114 Cal Bean Salad
one cup 269 Cal Coloslaw
One Cup 706 Cal Egg Salad
one cup 501 Cal Pea salad
one cup 358 Cal potato salad
one cup 383 Cal Tuna Salad
one cup 258 Cal Boiled shrimp salad
one cup 58 Cal Mixed vegetable salad with chicken
one cup 408 Cal Tuna salad with eggs
one cup 184 Cal Caesar salad
3 spoons 106 Cal Baba Ghanoush Salad
100 g 48 Cal Yogurt Salad
100 g 524 Cal Tahina salad